A flavors

The desire to make the incomparable flavors of exotic fruit and vegetables, reach the maximum possible people, is our greatest motivation. Working with passion for over 30 years, we put our know-how at the service of our customers to share a world full of flavors and colors.

In just a few years, Neta has become a major new player with a strong presence in the exotic fruit and vegetable market in France and abroad; the company is located in the center of the consumption changing patterns of these exotic products, and is firmly positioned in packaging innovation, in order to provide consumers ready to eat fruit.

The company

Created in 2003, Neta specializes in the importation of exotic fruits and vegetables. The products travel by boat and / or plane under ideal conditions of transport for each product. We are always striving to optimize our logistics and sales channel thus bring our products to the tables of consumers in optimum freshness and perfect ripeness.

The future for Neta is built on a solid base in which ideas are shared and where are continuously thinking about improving and optimizing our work and distribution lines. Investing in presentation innovation of our packaged products and the services we provide, together with our clients, for the benefit of final consumers.

Neta offers a selection of the best producers present in each continent, always looking for an exceptional flavor.

These unique flavors from Africa, South East Asia, Central America, South America, the Middle East and Europe provide our clients and final consumers, the satisfaction of savor products of great freshness, at their optimum point of maturity.

For Neta,
working with an environmental policy
in a sustainable manner

means committing ourselves to guarantee the preservation of our planet’s natural resources and encourage an environmentally friendly agriculture. This philosophy is shared by all employees, being one of the most present values in the company.