The commecial

Neta sales team is divided in two offices located in the International Market of Rungis (94) and in the International Market of Arnavaux in Marseille (13). These two locations, are based in the heart of these markets, encouraging a personalized daily contact with companies in the area. Moreover, the company light structure guarantees a great response capacity for its clients.

Our development strategy is based on offering a careful treatment and maximum attention that we can provide to our customers, whose orders are served and fulfilled daily. This growth is also due to the desire to increase our export activity, betting on the warehouses we have located in the most important European logistics centers.

Our daily sales visits to our customers allow us to better understand the evolution of the markets and thus offer customers a perfectly adapted service to their needs.

The new facilities offer all employees exceptional working conditions in a very bright space of 350 m2 ideal for receiving clients and suppliers.

Warehouse & logistics

The 2,500 m² warehouse includes large storage spaces, four ripening chambers, refrigerated areas for some products and another area for the ready-to-eat products packaging.

A team of 18 people dedicated to the product reception, quality control and order preparation; These new facilities, of last generation in terms of hygiene and food safety, have a processing capacity and shipment of 15,000 boxes per day.

Quality Control

The unloading of the boats takes place according to the origins and provenances either in Rotterdam or in Marseille; Then, the merchandise necessarily passes through a first quality control before being distributed directly to our customers, spread over different wholesale markets of the European community.

All goods arriving to our facilities are subject to full quality control; the tests are carried out in accordance with the latest international and French regulations by certified professional organizations, in terms of palletisation, packaging, sizing, coloring, brix rate, possible presence of external shocks, maturity and respect for the cold chain.

Neta is in the process of being certified by Fel Partenariat.

FeL PARTENARIAT is a unique approach, common to three businesses (shipping-export, import and wholesale) specific to the fruit and vegetable sector.

Fel Partnership’s approach is based on 4 pillars

1. Traceability: continuous monitoring of suppliers and merchandise from the reception to sale.

2. Approval: verification of labeling complience with marketing standards (category, size, varieties…).

3. Hygiene: Implementation of good hygiene practices according to the HACCP approach.

4. Health security: verification of F & V health compliance with samples sent to accredited laboratories, limit checks and maximum residue levels and consumer risk assessment.


The future for Neta, is built on a solid base in which ideas are shared and where we are continuously thinking about improving and optimizing our work lines abroad and thus with our professional clients in their respective markets.

Neta only sells its “premium” products with its brand, transmitting its brand value to consumers. This is why high-quality standards are guaranteed throughout the season, ensuring the freshness and authentic taste of the fruit. Also, thanks to the traceability procedures required in the sector, the identification of their productions is ensured.
Technological innovation at consumers service.

Neta has been engaged for more than 10 years in the research and the development of ecological packaging respectful of nature and has recently been involved in the launch of 100% biodegradable plastic-free packaging.

These 100% eco-designed packaging (punnet and films) are made from cellulose derived from recycled paper fibres of natural origin and logically fit into the sustainable development policy advocated by the company. These new packaging can be recycled with paper and / or composted if necessary.

As ripe fruits consumption is growing, and as producers are fostered by retailers to use 100% recyclable packaging, Neta is now packaging a wider range of products such as mango, papaya, passion fruit, limes and sweet potato.